blue’s clues board game

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Bought Sam a board game today from Mabuhay Educational Center (you know, the same company that markets Games of the Generals — don’t you just love that game?) called Things You Can Eat!, featuring characters from Blue’s Clues.

It’s a silly little game where you roll the dice to determine how many places your token moves. If it lands on a spot with a picture of something that can be eaten, you get to stay there. If your token lands on a square with a non-food item, you don’t get to move that turn (‘coz you have to go back where you came from). And the stupid rule: If you land on a square occupied by another player’s token, you have to go all the way back to the starting line! So I felt free to ignore this particular rule the two times it happened to Sam, and just applied it to myself (only once, thank God).

The great thing is that Sam was really excited when I brought the game home. I taught her to roll the dice and just throw it inside the box so that it wouldn’t get lost. She had fun moving the token, though she always wants to keep counting beyond the number of spaces indicated by the dice.

She also knew which items were food and which can’t be eaten, and it was so funny when she argued at first that the teddy bear can be eaten, saying she eats teddy bear crackers. She also insisted the first time she landed on a square with a picture of an aquarium with fish that this could be eaten. “Yes, I eat fish,” she argued, so I had to explain that the picture showed an aquarium, and that they weren’t the kind of fish she ate.

Since all the food items are on even-numbered squares, obviously the best thing is for you to get a 6. So that’s what I kept telling Sam, and she got a 6 four or five times, gleefully saying “I got a 6” everytime.

You guessed it — she ended up beating me, hehe, reaching the finish line first. Oh, and she just ran up to me right now, showing me her drawing of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper — pretty good likenesses actually! Yup, she loves that board game.


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