the maharlika legacy, chapter 1

11/1/04 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Well, it’s the first day of the rest of my life, haha, and so far I’ve written 1, 171 words out of the 50, 000 I’m supposed to complete by midnight Nov. 30 as a National Novel Writing Month participant (read: masochist). Whew, time sure flies when you’re having fun, eh?

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1. This is actually Part 2 of what I’ve written so far for that first chapter:

Miriel found herself wondering once again why the living clung to the past like a child being weaned from its bottle. Most of the time, she felt curiously detached from the ritual, though oddly tonight she felt the hint of something different in the air. Not fear. Like a familiar face that turned out to belong to someone else — not that of a stranger, but of someone you knew but did not expect that moment.

Part of her was tired, she supposed. Tired of making the dead speak, of reassuring the living that they were the ones who haunted the past.

Miriel still remembered the first time she realized she could see what other people could not admit to themselves.

She was three or four when she first stumbled upon the past, seeing the procession of spirits and selves going on their merry way, as though nothing had changed in a hundred years.

The old house was a faded reflection of the glory it once was when the young Spanish boxer Julian Alcaraz y Samonte had arrived from the cobblestone streets of Benavides and built this monument on Calle Samar for his dear Esperanza. He had been wounded in some war, and was doomed to limp for the rest of his days.

For more, check out The Maharlika Legacy. I’ll try to write some more later, but I still have to edit some stuff for Ah yes, my real job, hehe.

You can also check out the progress of Dean Alfar’s NaNoWriMo novel Salamanca.



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  1. good luck, joey! marilyn was pressing me to join din, but i don’t think i’ll be able to reach 50,000 words by Nov. 30 😦
    happy halloween, btw! cute fairy you got there. speaking of halloween, you might wanna check out this really cool site
    it’s got lots of really funny cartoon re-enactments of famous movies. this month’s offerings are slasher films.

  2. omigod! dem bunnies are so funny hahaha! thanks texas, i really needed that.

    come on, join the, er, fun, nanowrimo’s accepting registrations until nov. 25 (because, as they put it, “hope springs eternal” hehe).

    haven’t been able to get any writing done today for maharlika yet, ‘coz of these sites called cebu daily news, YOU and global nation, grr, hehe, as well as some other stuff for inq7 and others, but hey, i believe i can fly 🙂

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