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Sam dressed up as a fairy yesterday when she joined the Halloween parade of kids at Tita Neng’s subdivision, which was organized by the homeowners’ association (Tita Neng is their vice president and secretary of the board.)

Sam got a real kick out of the fairy/butterfly wings her Lola Linda bought her. We were afraid Sam wouldn’t want to wear the wings — turned out she didn’t want to take them off, not for hours!

The kids at the parade were divided into groups by costume type: Scariest for, well, those in scary costumes; Jack O’ Lantern for those with pumpkin baskets as part of their look, and Fairy Tale, for the countless other fairies besides Sam. The Fairy Tale category was broad enough to include all the cute kids dressed up as Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Blue from “Blue’s Clues,” Tigger, Piglet, a mermaid, a puppy, a lion and even a wonderful unicorn.

Each kid who was joining the parade was given a number, which they were supposed to hold up when they walk on stage one by one so that the judges could pick the tot with the Best Costume for each category. Sam, however, got so frightened by some of the masks and costumes (those kids weren’t in the Scariest category for nothing) that she clung to me and wanted me to carry her for the rest of the afternoon (well, OK, for the better part of an hour ‘coz of course a lot of kids kept arriving and the parade took some time to start.)

Even before Sam got scared, Ellen had already told me to be the one to accompany Sam during the parade. Carrying her under the hot sun (man, it was like summer!) was something we hadn’t anticipated, however, but Sam insisted.

Sam had her magic wand with her as part of her costume, and Uncle Mike told her she shouldn’t be afraid because she could just wave her wand and poof! the monsters would disappear. Didn’t work, hehe.

Some officials also gave speeches before the parade started — heck, I didn’t even know action star Jestoni Alarcon was the vice governor of Rizal until he walked on stage to give his speech yesterday.

So there we were, lost in a sea of kids and yayas and the occasional mom accompanying her child. Yup, Sam still refused to walk on stage, so I just carried her and held her number up high. Nope, she didn’t win for Best Costume, but Sam did get a consolation prize for being one of the early birds (in fact, her number for the Fairy Tale category was “1”).

Oddly enough, it turned out to be a colored crystal (well, pseudo-crystal) chess set, which was actually beautiful but a strange gift to give to young kids. Still, I take it as a sign, ‘coz now I get to teach Sam chess at an early age.

It was the last day of Kay’s Philippine vacation yesterday — she went to the airport in the late afternoon after the Halloween parade. She did get to spend quality time with Fairy Princess Sam yesterday.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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  1. hey,just wondering…where was this trick or treat held? 🙂

    registration tomorrow. back to school on monday. ugh.


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