forward, back

10/16/04 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Sam with her new remote control buggy. She quickly learned that the right button makes the car go forward, while the left one makes it move backward. I taught her to say “Forward” and “Back” whenever she pushes the appropriate button. And when I was teasing her a few minutes ago by tickling the right side of her tummy while saying “Forward,” then tickling the left side while saying “Back,” she said, “No! I’m not the remote!”  Posted by Hello


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  1. Love to be tickled and to tickle somebody

    Me & some of my friends are usually tormenting each other. I love tickling them to death, and they will tickle me back. Thats our trip everyday and when we go out, while we walking into the street going to the park we saw one guy,andguess what happen next? We fucking tickle him until he couldn’t breath. He is totally fucked up! Can you imagine my face now?:D…ROFL….

    After that he was pissed off at first when he recover. But one of my friend carry him to her house which is near by and she suck his cock.

    When they finished I look at him and says: “You want more sweetie?”
    He turn back and says: ” I’ve just cum! ”
    I says: ” I didn’t say I will make you cum….. I’m gonna fucking tick…..le……..y….o..uuuuuuuuuu!! “

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