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Guess what? now has a blog!

Whew, I can finally talk about it, hehe. We’ve just launched Talking Points — in fact, I just posted the entries a few minutes ago, so this is still piping hot. Talking Points is the latest column in’s Viewpoints section and we hope this will be a new, more interactive way for you to share your thoughts on different vital issues. So, does anyone still believe that the blogging revolution isn’t for real?

I’ve been given the privilege of kicking things off by letting the global Filipino community weigh in on the upcoming US presidential election. As Bush and Kerry duke it out, and with fears of a repeat of Bush-Gore 2000, it’s safe to say that the outcome of this election will not only affect Americans but will have an impact on everyone in the world. Add to that the fact that Filipino-Americans are one of the biggest and richest ethnic groups in the US, and the “Fil-Am vote,” if it does exist, might just help tip the balance for Bush or Kerry.

That’s why we’re inviting everyone to join the conversation and share their thoughts. Unlike other blogs, you’ll have to e-mail your answers and editors (including, natch, me) will go through the submissions and post them.

Some of the questions are specific to Fil-Ams, but you can choose to answer the questions that are relevant to you. Particulalry the most important one: Who do you think will win: Bush or Kerry?

Visit Talking Points now.


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