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A UP Diliman freshie was chatting with me earlier and I happily found out that Beach House lives!

You’ve never really experienced Peyups life unless you’ve eaten barbecue at Beach House. And judging from her enthusiastic endorsement, the food at Beach House is still as great as ever.

Man, I should drop by there one of these days. Pauline and I have been waxing nostalgic over Peyups food places over at Jo’s tag board, along with other UP Diliman people.



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  1. I remember I used to eat there with my girlfriend (now my wife) in our undergrad years. PhP 30 will get one through lunch (Php16 for a stick of barbecue plus rice plus softdrink–that was circa 1998). Now that I’m taking a postgrad degree, I can still see the smoke rising from the old beachhouse every lunchtime. Sadly, I’m unable to drop by for lunch for two reasons: I’m too busy, and I usually skip lunch to save! Haha! How ironic; it’s now when I’m working that I hardly have money for lunch. Maybe it’s because of the meager government salary I get. =)

  2. haha yup angelo, cheap but satisfying, that’s beach house all right 🙂

    the original rodic’s (is the shopping center still around?) was great, but the one in philcoa is different, somehow, tho only tried out that branch once

    i remember i used to borrow books at book barn — they kept transferring their stall: shopping center, greenhouse and what do you call that place near the pool — arcade something?


  3. Beach House barbeque is now 20pesos! :)but still the best!

    Rodic’s still exists at the Shopping Center. 50 bucks for a tapsilog 🙂


  4. ACK! 20 pesos?!!! I remember when it used to be only 7-8 pesos. Belies our age, ahem, Joey! I miss Buko Joe, Rodics and the cafeteria at HE – they had pretty good food, but it disappeared fast.

  5. hehe yup, pauline, and here i was keeping quiet and pretending i wasn’t shocked that the bbq was already 16 pesos when angelo posted his comment hahaha 🙂

    kriselda, how about casaa? maybe i won’t even be able to afford their prices now — i miss the pasta and the teriyaki, hehe, comfort food during the up tinta days. and that german sausage stand near greenhouse

  6. This isn’t exactly Beach House but… I just had isaw near Balay Kalinaw today. I may not be from UP, but I’ve always been a fan of the food it has to offer (Beach House, Likha-Diwa sa Gulod, isaw)!

  7. AH, yes – another favorite – the Hungarian sausage with butter rice and a fried egg! That was my comfort food.

  8. hey gabs, thanks for dropping by! man, all this talk of up food makes me hungry!

    outside up, how about persia house (mister kebab)? miss the old dingy persia house, though, now the place really looks like a restaurant ‘coz they jazzed it up 3 years or so ago.

    the food still tastes great and the prices were the same last time we checked (a year ago? hahaha), but somehow it tasted more authentic when it looked like a dirty karenderia 🙂

  9. There’s this cafe-cum-gallery beside the ground floor branck of Chocolate Kiss with eally great coffee. And at PhP 25 per mug at that (is it Old Asia or did they change their name already?)! They serve different blends from locally-sourced beans. Guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds!

  10. i’ve eaten at chocolate kiss and their food is ok, but i don’t think that coffee shop was already around last time i visited peyups. at least i don’t remember it hehe

  11. Casaa is still around…though my friends and i are not fond of eating there for some reasons 🙂 still cheap. and the german sausage still exists! 🙂

    there’s Tea Room at at H.E…great and cheap meals too!

    the one across Choco Kiss is Oz Cafe…been wanting to try it but they’re almost always packed… 🙂


  12. casaa food’s ok, but you always go to class afterwards smelling like ulam. 😦


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