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10/5/04 at 1:06 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I’ve been using the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser for the past few days and I have to tell you, it’s cool! It’s even more fun to use than another good alternative browser, Avant Browser, which also offers the convenience of Tab-browsing. Try tabs once and you’ll wonder why you have to keep opening new browser windows in Internet Explorer.

Of course, Firefox has some glitches every now and then and some sites don’t work or don’t look right when you use it, but for the most part it’s just like surfing with IE. Except Firefox loads faster, eats up less space on your hard drive, offers a very fast search-as-you-type “Find in This Page” feature and a nifty “Add Live Bookmark for this page’s feed” RSS button that appears at the bottom right of your browser window whenever you visit a site that offers a news feed.

Since Firefox is a descendant of the once and future browser king, Netscape Navigator, it will be poetic justice indeed if it manages to take back the Web from Microsoft’s ubiquitous Internet Explorer.

This free browser has been generating a lot of buzz and gaining new adherents every day, so if you’d like to try it out, click on the Firefox logo on the right sidebar of this blog.



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  1. just a HEADS UP. pls check this site regularly for advisories and alerts (there is one on mozilla, click ADVISORIES):



    andre faura

  2. thanks andre!

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